116 - Folklore Museum

Domestic infrastructure

From the domesticity of the interior to the ordinariness of the urban fabric. From the need of new sanitary facilities to an urban project, a mega museum. Walking the thin line between the affirmation of architecture and its dissolution within the city. Can a building be contemporary and folkloric at once? Can it draw attention while redistributing it to its surroundings? Coherence is achieved at the last stage of the project, when all architectural features engage in a dialogue of oppositions. Domestic infrastructure (almost an oxymoron) as the fundamental condition of the project. The key moment was the displacement of the building. The architects turns a simple extension of the actual museum into a new building, a thin volume going deeper into the city block in the prolongation of a series of industrial sheds. This displacement has a double value: the project gains the autonomy of a new museum and it reconfigures the spatial relationship among all the different elements of the site: a park, a parking lot, industrial buildings and working-class terraced houses. All at once, economy of means and the 'intelligence of the gesture'.

2011 - 2018


V+ Projectiles


Simon Boudvin






Bureau Bouwtechniek - Projectiles (sceno) - Greisch (st/ts) - Daidalos Peutz (ac/en) - Taktyk (pay)


Renovation and extension of the "Musée de Folklore Vie Frontalière"; creation of a park


V+, Simon Boudvin & Maxime Delvaux


Extension 1 470 m² - Renovation 430 m² - Park 10 200 m²


Architecture 2.976.107 € - Scenography 345 000 € - Park 470 000 €